National Accelerators

Our  National Accelerators opens our minds to think critically,  Our National Accelerators encourages our our participants  to have the opportunity to take Development of a Nation beyond the norm as founders and to the marketplace. We open their minds to utilize that knowledge & exposure to innovate, build solutions to problems in their communities, in the world and teach them how to commercialize those solutions.

Clean Energy & Renewable Energy

We provide state-of-the-art solutions for clean energy & renewable energy technologies. Let us help you achieve your sustainable energy goals.

Climate Tech

We offer innovative and effective climate tech solutions to help reduce your carbon footprint and promote sustainability.

Med Device

Our team of experienced professionals develop and produce cutting-edge medical devices that enhance healthcare globally.

Sustainable Construction Products

We offer innovative and sustainable-construction products that meet the demand for eco-friendly materials that maintain structural integrity-built to last.

Who Can Apply?

Please request & complete the application to express your interest in joining our Collegiate & High School Junior Accelerator Entrepreneurship Program. Whether you are a high school student looking to gain a head start on your entrepreneurship journey or a college student seeking to deep-dive into entrepreneurship in an area of interest, We welcome you to apply!

By joining our Collegiate & High School Junior Accelerator Entrepreneurship Program, you will have access to tailored guidance/matched mentorship to help you excel in your entrepreneurship journey and or career goals, solid structure to build your company from ideation to commercialization, marketing, expert mentorship, learn how to create financial spreads/forecasts, cap tables, access to exclusive industry events, networking opportunities and access to funding opportunities. Our program is the real deal, real life experience!

Our Program Components

Ideation to MVP

Brainstorming Sessions

Problem to Solution

Product and Market Analysis

Pricing Analysis

Market Identification

Market Trends/Forecast

Access to Beta Testing group

Mentor Matching with Corporations

Mentor Match With Expert Advisors in their respective fields

Business model & Revenue Model

Monthly Pitch Events
Social Capital Building: Network plus get linked on inkedIn

Market size analysis: TAM, and SOM

Product Plan

Marketing /Branding/Sales trategy

Technology Assistance/Guidance

Acap table

Understand Valuations

Create Financial model & Projections

Customized Approach

Complete Sales & Media

Pitch Deck: Create an Investor Pitch & Investor Pitch Deck

Access to Lab

Create Sales Strategy

Bi-Weekly One on One Meetings with Matched Mentors

Go to Market Strategies

Valuations & Exit Strategies

Understanding of Revenue Models for different Industries

Channel With Founder’s eer to Peer Support

Founder’s Resource Vault

Access to a Robust network of VC’s /Traditional funding sources

Networking opportunities with a National and Global network

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