Our MedTech accelerator program empowers our collegiate and high school participants to take their scientific knowledge beyond the textbooks and into the real world. We guide them to utilize their education and exposure to develop innovative medical devices, diagnostics, or digital health solutions to address unmet medical needs and improve patient care. We equip them with the skills to navigate the regulatory hurdles, secure funding, and develop a go-to-market strategy for their MedTech inventions, transforming them from aspiring minds to future leaders in medical technology.

Medtech accelerators are intensive programs designed to nurture and accelerate the growth of early-stage medical technology companies. They provide a unique blend of resources and support specifically tailored to the challenges faced by medtech startups.


The BIPOC Startups Collegiate & High School Junior Accelerator is focused on the following industries

Industry-Specific Mentorship

Connect with experienced mentors who understand the intricacies of the medical device, diagnostics, and digital health industries. These mentors can provide invaluable guidance on regulatory affairs, clinical trials, market access, and fundraising.

Curriculum Focused on Medtech

Unlike general accelerators, medtech programs offer specialized curriculum focused on the needs of medtech startups.

Faster Time to Market

By providing resources and guidance specific to medtech, accelerators can help startups navigate the complex regulatory and development process, leading to a faster path to market.

Increased Funding Potential

The connections and mentorship offered by accelerators can significantly improve a startup's chances of securing funding from angel investors or venture capitalists.

Reduced Risk

Accelerators can help young companies avoid costly mistakes by providing experienced guidance and access to essential resources.

Validation and Feedback

The rigorous program structure and access to industry experts can help validate a medtech startup's idea and provide valuable feedback for improvement.

Validation through Pilot Programs

Some accelerators offer opportunities to participate in pilot programs with hospitals, clinics, or other healthcare institutions.

Soft Skills Development

Alongside technical expertise, accelerators may offer workshops and coaching sessions to develop essential soft skills for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Who Can Apply?

Calling all passion for medical technology! Are you itching to turn your innovative idea into a reality that improves patient care? We invite you to apply for our Collegiate & High School Medtech Junior Accelerator Program.

This program is designed to equip aspiring medtech entrepreneurs with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to launch their ventures. Whether this is your first steps in medtech or a college student ready to deep-dive into commercialization, we’ll guide you through every stage.

Our Program Components

Ideation to MVP

Brainstorming Sessions

Problem to Solution

Product and Market Analysis

Pricing Analysis

Market Identification

Market Trends/Forecast

Access to Beta Testing group

Mentor Matching with Corporations

Mentor Match With Expert Advisors in their respective fields

Business model & Revenue Model

Monthly Pitch Events
Social Capital Building: Network plus get linked on inkedIn

Market size analysis: TAM, and SOM

Product Plan

Marketing /Branding/Sales trategy

Technology Assistance/Guidance

Acap table

Understand Valuations

Create Financial model & Projections

Customized Approach

Complete Sales & Media

Pitch Deck: Create an Investor Pitch & Investor Pitch Deck

Access to Lab

Create Sales Strategy

Bi-Weekly One on One Meetings with Matched Mentors

Go to Market Strategies

Valuations & Exit Strategies

Understanding of Revenue Models for different Industries

Channel With Founder’s eer to Peer Support

Founder’s Resource Vault

Access to a Robust network of VC’s /Traditional funding sources

Networking opportunities with a National and Global network

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